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Are chronic illnesses like IBS, chronic
fatigue, migraines, fibromyalgia, or MS interfering with your ability to live life abundantly?
Fed up with being shuttled through the doctor's office only to get prescription drugs that cause multiple side effects?
Do you desire to be fully present for your family for years to come while getting them onboard with a healthier lifestyle?

Chronic illness and food sensitivities have personally impacted my own health, and my goal has been to help others through my personal journey. I have found great success in functional and integrative approaches for myself and my clients.

LEAP Therapy


If you suffer from chronic illnesses like IBS, UC, Crohn's, migraines, arthritis, or fibromyalgia,  then LEAP Therapy may be right for you. 

Personalized Counseling


Does your health sometimes feel like a mystery novel? Learn how nutrient deficiencies, genetics, and/or gut health may play a role in your symptoms.

Looking to optimize your health? Get customized recommendations tailored to your body's blueprint.

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